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MK Premium Korean Pear & Chicken Collagen Soup

900 ML
600 ML

The Product

  • Delivered FROZEN (Just Heat Up & Ready To Consume) 
  • Only Kampung Chicken Bone Used 
  • Premium Korean Pears Used To Achieve The Unique Taste of Our MK P&C Soup! 
  • Boiled for 6 Hours Over High Heat! 
  • Long Boiling Process Results In Water Loss of 50% Which Results In Rich Favors Like Lightly Sweet Pear Notes, Medium Body With All The Calcium Goodness & Health Benefits of Kampong Chicken Bones.  
  • No Preservatives, No Artificial Flavoring, No MSG
  • Packed in Food Grade Freezer Pack 
  • Available in 600 ML Pack
  • Good For 2 Servings
  • Available in 900 ML Pack
  • Good For 3 Servings

Food Pairing

  • Add Your Favorite Fishballs, Straw Mushrooms, Vegetables & Meat Into This Delicious Savory & Sweet Soup To Sum Up A Prefect Meal Over Steaming Hot Rice!  
  • Any Meat Additions Should Be Non Marinated So As to Avoid Imbalance of Favors To Soup Base. 


  • Kampung Chicken Bone & Parts, Sarawak Pepper Corns, Korean Pears & Japanese Dried Soup Herbs 
900 ML
600 ML