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MK Cajun Prawn Potato Salad

The Product

  • Delivered Chilled & Ready to eat
  • Large Prawns Seasoned with Cajun Spices and Pan Fried to Perfection! Sliced up & mixed our signature Daebak! Korean Potato Salad. 
  • Wild Caught Australian Red Leg Prawns are used for their sweet and lovely meat texture (Without nasty growth hormones & antibodies) 
  • No preservatives, No Artificial flavoring, No MSG
  • Packed in Eco friendly carrier
  • Weigh approx 1kg

Food Pairing

  • A dish by itself 
  • In between a nice freshly toasted croissant for your Delifrance Style Sandwich


  • Australian Wild Caught Reg Legged Prawns, Paprika, Cajun, Black Pepper & Daebak! Korean Potato Salad.