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MK Daebak! Begedil

The Product

  • Made fresh but delivered Frozen (Cooked) to ensure freshness continuity 
  • Using our famous Daebak! Korean Potato Salad, we generously use a big ice cream scoop of salad, bathed with egg wash and gently deep fried. 
  • This is probably THE most expensive Begedil in Singapore! Regular Begedils go for 40 grams per pc and contains potato, msg and fried shallots. On contrary, our KR Begedils are 60 Grams per pc, packed with wholesome ingredients and flavor! Try to believe! 
  • No preservatives, No Artificial flavoring, No MSG
  • Packed in Eco friendly carriers
  • Simply deep fry or air fry for consumption
  • Comes in a pack of 5
  • Weigh approx. 60 grams each

 Food Pairing

  • Go with your fave bowl of Mee Soto, Chicken Rice or Steaks! 


  • Potato, Spring Onions, Onions, Japanese Panko, Japanese Mayo, Kampung Eggs, Organic Carrots and Japanese Cucumber 

Preparing For Consumption

  • No need to defrost. From Freezer, straightaway air fry for 15 mins at 200 degrees or Deep Fry Low Heat for 5 mins