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Korean Nasi Lemak

The Product

  • Delivered Hot & Ready To Eat
  • Introducing the One & Only Korean Nasi Lemak in Singapore! Melody of Local & Korean flavors dancing on your palate! 
  • Fluffy Organic Basmati Rice as Base. Pandan & Coconut Infused Fragrance Hits You Even Before You Open Food Lid! 
  • Crunchy Deep Fried Sesame Mid Joint Chicken Wings x 2 Pcs 
  • Long Rectangular Korean Deep Fried Fish Cake x 1
  • Pan Fried Kampung Egg x 1 
  • Deep Fried MK Potato Salad Croquette x 1 (Worth $2.58/Pc) 
  • Korean Myeolchi Bokkeum (Korean Anchovies With Peanuts)
  • Served With Our Special In House MK Kimchi Sambal Sauce (Gochujang, Local Sambal Blended with Kimchi)
  • Served Along With Crunchy Japanese Cucumber Slices 
  • Packed in Eco friendly carriers
  • Good for 1.5 Pax if small eater and 1 Pax if big eater! 
  • No Pork No Lard

Food Pairing

  • Heavenly by itself!