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Daebak! Korean Potato Salad

The Product

  • Delivered Chilled & Ready To Eat
  • Wholesome fresh potatos used. Added different veggies, sauces and spices which creates fascinating textures in your mouth! Creamy, Sweet, Tangy, Savory.. Loads going on! Guaranteed Daebak! (“Awesome” in Korean)
  • No preservatives, No Artificial flavoring, No MSG
  • High grade Japanese Mayo used as sauce base for salad
  • Packed in Eco friendly carriers
  • Made Fresh but finish within 3 days
  • Weigh approx 950 grams
  • Good for 3 - 4 pax
  • No Pork No Lard

Food Pairing

  • BBQ
  • Korean Food
  • Japanese Food
  • Western Food – Steaks, Sausages & Others
  • Deep Fried Food (Chicken Wings, Crab Cakes, Prawn Cakes & Others)
  • As a spread on toasted bread or croissants Delifrance style
  • Or just by itself!


  • Holland Potato, Spring Onions, Onions, Japanese Mayo, Kampung Eggs, Organic Carrots, Natural Himalayan Rock Salt, Sugar and Japanese Cucumber